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Act Of Kindness

August 6, 2019

I believe that there are many acts of kindness happening all around us every day. Some are televised on the news, some are shared on Facebook and some go without any recognition or communicating at all. During a recent visit to the Sanford Florida shop, Co-Owner Ashley Reed told me a story that I thought needed to be told. 


A young couple that has been a customer for years and The Reeds would say they became more than a customer, but friends... This couple was expecting a child. Unexpectedly in the 37th week of the pregnancy, the mother delivered a stillborn baby. Stillborn usually happens before the 30th week, therefore making it just so much more tragic that their baby did not live. As tragic as it is to lose your unborn child, they were also burdened with the monetary funds to give the baby a respectful funeral and burial.


The young couple families created a GoFund Me page and started taking donations. When the owners of Sanford Tuffy learned of the horrific experience, they paid off the remainder of the Go Fund Me goal, therefore the couple no longer had to wait to move forward with the babies funeral plans. The owners are modest and don’t want any publicity, in fact, they hesitated to tell me the amount, I will just share that it was a very, very generous amount. A true act of kindness. 

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